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Graduate Students / Projects




Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Albiker 

The Behavior of Monopile Foundations in Sandy Seabed under Cyclic Horizontal Loading

Thomas Asche

Interfaces in Polymer-Silica Composites

Hamidreza Attar

Modeling 3D crack coalescence and percolation with the XFEM and level sets

Mainak Bhattacharyya

Innovative concepts on micro-mechanically based modeling approaches and sophisticated computational techniques for high-cycle fatigue

Dipl.-Ing. Anne Bechtel

Friction characteristics of grouted joints

Steffen Beese

Modelling the temperature development and crack propagation during sheet-bulk metal forming

Majeed Bishara, M.Sc.

Microbuckling and Fiber Kinking in Composites Using Multilevel Simulation

Bastian Dreyer

Development of tooth implants with inherent electrical stimulation of the bone by piezoelectric

Mirja Duderstaedt

Atomistic modeling of dental composite materials with isotropic and anisotropic nanofilters

Dipl.-Ing. Pawel Dziewiecki

Modeling of soil-structure contact interaction

Dianlei Feng

Numerical modeling of biofilm growth and detachment on interfaces in flow fluids using DG FEM

Vadims Geza, M.Sc.

Modeling of Crystallization of Solar Grade Silicon

Alexandra Gontarenko

Correlation between numerical stimulation and experiment to adjust materials states and conditions of base materials, surfaces and coatings in technical tribological pairings

Ayan Haldar

Multi-stable Morphing Structures

Ajay Harish, M.Sc.

Modeling of Wear Based on Micromechanical Investigations

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Herbst

Holistic Process-integrated Heat Treating Strategy for Forged Parts in Consideration of Microstructural Development

Dipl.-Ing. Malte Hothan

Development of Non-Convex Shaped Particles for the Discrete Element Method (DEM)

Ehsan Jamshidi, M.Sc.

Modelling and computer simulation of hip-joint arthroplasty

Andreas Kempe, M.Sc. 


Virtual Development of Nanocomposites using the Molecular-Dynamic Finite Element Method 

Victoria Krupennikova

Micro-mechanically based modeling of degradation of composite materials with random microstructure

Yangyang Long

Modeling and experimental validation of bond formation in ultrasonic friction welding

Torben Meyer

Modification of friction loaded surfaces with active layers

Ing. Ricardo Manuel Millán Vaquero

Visualization of multi-scale and multi-modal MSD modalities

Milena Möhle

Concepts for Chemical Degradation of Materials and Structures

Jin Man Mok

Homogenization procedures for coupled thermo-chemo-mechanical problems

Vinh Hiep Nguyen, M.Sc.

Abrassion function for tire tread wear

Nima Noii

Multiphysics Homogenization Schemes for Microstructured Interfaces

Ilya Peshekhodov, M.Sc. 


Multi-scale FEA of damage in polymer composite coatings on metal sheets due to sheet forming 

Sayedmahmoud Pezeshki, M.Sc.

3D dynamic fracture in heterogeneous media

Dipl.-Ing. Sören Plönnigs

FEM-based Behavior Modelling of Coupled Electromagnet Transmission Lines with Nonlinear Loads

Alina Juan-Lien Ramirez

Simulation of crack formation in rock induced by flow processes using XFEM

Henryke Rath

Der Einfluss piezoelektisch-aktiver Implantate auf das Verhalten von Knochenzellen und die bakterielle Biofilmbildung

Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Rust

Jan Rzepecki, M.Sc.

User interaction with multi-scale and multi-modal MSD modalities

Dipl.-Math. Mohammadreza Safiei 


Simulation Procedure for Tire-Ice Friction

Muhammad Sadiq Sarafaraz

Stochastic non-local material models of irreversible behaviour

Christina Lienstromberg

Modelling and Analysis of MEMS with General Permittivity Profile

Henrik Schulze

Experimental and numerical analysis of forming processes with sandwich plates composed of a sheet metal outer skin and a continuous unidirectional fibre reinforced

Milad Shahbaz

Micro- and meso-scale modeling of dental composite materials

Seyed Alireza Shirazibeheshtiha

Computational simulation of piezo-electrically stimulated bone adaption surrounding activated tooth implants

Meisam Soleimani

Numerical simulation and experimental validation of biofilm growth

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Thieken

Behavior of Piles under Combined Lateral and Axial Loading

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Vogler

An Anisotropic Material and Damage Model for Progressive Failure Analysis of Textile Composites 

Dipl.-Ing. Paul Wagner

Conti Project: Multiscale FEM for rubber friction on rough surfaces

Robert Weidlich, M.Sc.

Three dimensional homogenization technique for granular interfaces

Martin Weidling, MSc.

Improvement of cardiovascular Implants and a FE-Framework for Degradation of Mg-Alloys

Jana Wiegand

Simulation of erythrocytes

Lars Oliver Wolf

Process adapted Dual Phase Steels

Saleh Yazdani

Numerical Simulations of delamination in FRP shell structures using XFEM

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Zeller

Development of a material model for metal sheets at nite deformations

Zhang, Chao

Modeling of multiphase materials

Yibo Zou

Multiscale Methods for the Dimensional Characterisation of Surfaces and Interfaces