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Compact Courses

Compact courses during the first year offer a compressed high level teaching programme designed for the PhD students coming from different disciplines. They are individually compiled and will be discussed between the student and his/her advisor/mentor. Tentative titles of compact courses are:

  • Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials
  • Advanced Finite Element Methods, Error Analysis and Adaptive (h-p) Refinement
  • Contact Mechanics: Mathematical Foundation and Computational Techniques
  • Multi-Scale Analysis and Homogenization Techniques
  • Domain Decomposition Methods
  • Modelling and Computation of Electro-Magnetic-Processes
  • Structural Analysis and Experimental Validation
  • Geometric Modelling and Computer Graphics
  • Data Compression Techniques
  • Metal Forming Techniques
  • Engineering Material Science
  • Parameter Identification
  • Mechanics of Heterogeneous Materials
  • Fast Solvers
  • Level Set Methods
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulation