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Current and interesting research topics for PhD projects can be found on this website under “Research” and under "Vacancies". It may be that internal funding is offered for some of these. If this is the case, this fact is mentioned under the projects listed there.

Another possibility is to apply for external funding, e.g. from DAAD, which offers a variety of possibilities for PhD students with excellent qualifications. Search engines will help you find the right offer for your research intentions. If you are interested, please obtain detailed information from DAAD directly via the following links:

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst
German Academic Exchange Service


Basic information about stipends can also be found on the website of the Graduate Academy (Graduiertenakademie), which is the central coordination and service facility for all doctoral students at the university.

For general information about what you need to consider if you are interested in PhD research studies at Leibniz Universität Hannover or abroad, please contact the International Office of the university “Hochschulbüro für Internationales” and/or visit their website.