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Multiscale Mechanics and Size Effects

Dr.-Ing. Britta Hirschberger

Email: hirschbergermusic.uni-hannover.de>
Phone: +49 511.762-4126

The Junior Research Group for Multiscale Mechanics and Size Effects performs research in both the theoretical and the numerical modelling of materials. One particular focus is on materials exhibiting size effects in small-scale specimens. In this context, generalized continuum and material theories come into play because these capture the size effects through inherent features. Moreover, computational multiscale modelling approaches are developed and exploited for the modelling of complex materials.

 The research is of great relevance for the simulation of miniature structures, where the intrinsic microstructure significantly influences the mechanical response. The modelling and simulation tools to be developed can, for instance, be applied to micro deep-drawing processes or for micro-manufactured electromechanical devices.

 Research Interests 

  • Mechanics of generalized continua
  •  Multiscale methods and computational homogenization
  •  Dislocation-based crystal plasticity
  •  Modelling of size effects
  •  Coupled problems
  •  Interfaces with heterogeneous microstructure

 Group Members

Dr.-Ing. Britta Hirschberger

Head of the Junior Research Group

Member of Institute of Continuum Mechanics

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Gottschalk

PhD Candidate within IRTG 1627 

Member of Institute of Continuum Mechanics

Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Clasen

PhD Candidate

Member of Institute of Continuum Mechanics


 Academic Courses


Collaborative Research Activities

  • DFG International Research Training Group 1627 "Virtual Materials and Structures and their Validation" (IRTG) -- joint collaborative project with ENS Cachan


International Collaborations


Key Publications

C. B. Hirschberger, R. H. J. Peerlings, W. A. M. Brekelmans, and M. G. D. Geers. On the role of dislocation conservation in single crystal plasticity. Submitted for publication, (2010)

C.B. Hirschberger, P. Steinmann, Classification of Concepts in Thermodynamically Consistent Generalized Plasticity, J. Eng. Mech., 135, 156-170, (2009)
 C.B. Hirschberger, S. Ricker, P. Steinmann, N. Sukumar, Computational multiscale 
 modelling of heterogeneous material layers
, Engng. Fracture Mech., 76, 793-812, (2009)
 C.B. Hirschberger, N. Sukumar, P. Steinmann, Computational homogenization of material layers with micromorphic mesostructure, Phil. Mag., 88, 3603-3631, (2008)
 C.B. Hirschberger, E. Kuhl, P. Steinmann, On deformational and configurational mechanics of micromorphic hyperelasticity - theory and computation, Comput. Methods. Appl. Mech. Engrg., 196, 4027-4044, (2007)


A list of publications can be found on the Junior Research Group Leaders website