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Past events

Summer School 2010

In 2010, a Summer School on “Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling of Interfaces” will be coordinated by the MUSIC Graduate School of Leibniz Universität Hannover. The event will be held from 15th September, 2010 till 17th September 2010 at the Leibniz Universität Hannover campus. The Summer School focuses on the modeling of multifield problems associated with interfaces and their simulation across multiple length and time scales.

Theoretical and computational aspects of adhesion and cohesive fracture, contact and friction at macro and micro scales as well as shape memory effects governed by material interfaces will be addressed by distinguished researchers in these fields both from an engineering as well as a materials science point of view.

International lecturers such as M.G.D. Geers, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland, S. Stupkiewics, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT), Poland, J.-F. Molinari, Computational Solid Mechanics Laboratory, Switzerland, O. Allix, ENS de Cachan, France and P. Wriggers, Leibniz Universität, Germany will give an overview about their latest expertise in the research field of Interface modelling.

The summer school lectures will begin on the 1st day at 10:00 and end on the 3rd day at 15:30. The five lecturers will each hold three lectures, a lecture lasting an hour.

The titles of the lectures are

  • “Interface delamination: basic aspects and multiscale issues" (Allix),
  • "Computational multi-scale interfacial mechanics" (Geers),
  • "Contact mechanics with applications to rubber friction, mixed lubrication, seals and heat contact resistance" (Persson),
  • "Interfaces and interfacial energy in martensitic microstructures" (Stupkiewicz) and
  • "Multiscale Methods for Contact Problems" (Wriggers).

The Summer School is intended as a compact overview of the latest developments in the focus area for current and prospective Ph.D. students who work in relevant fields. Junior researchers and scientists from the industry who wish to extend their present research into this area are also welcome.

This upcoming event is expected to bring further findings and expertise to all participants.  To apply for attending the Summer School and for further information regarding the lecture content, prospective participants are invited to visit www.music.uni-hannover.de/summerschool.html. The application deadline is July 15. 

A registration fee for the event will be charged to cover costs associated with the lecture notes, refreshments and a dinner held for all summer school attendees on the 2nd day.  This fee will be waived for a limited number of eligible students who wish to pursue a Ph.D.degree but have not yet finished their Bachelor‘s or Master‘s studies. Please inquire in advance of the application deadline for eligibility.

The e-mail adress  of the summer school for all inquiries
is summerschoolmusic.uni-hannover.de .