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Contact Mechanics

With the growth of computing power, numerical simulations have found their way into the analysis of almost every engineering design. This has also affected the level of modelling and with more refined models unilateral constraint conditions are now present in many types of analysis. This means that different contact conditions have to be considered in the design and analysis of engineering structures and systems.

Besides standard applications where contact constraints are present at the same length scale as the dimensions of the structure, there are many interesting and technically relevant problems involving different length scales.

Application include:

  • tyre/road contact
  • car crash analysis
  • steel high-strength friction-grip bolts
  • mechanical description of granular materials
  • coupled contact of discrete elements and continua

Projects with internal funding:

PhD projects currently available

Projects with external funding/topics for Ph.D. thesis:

  • Multiscale simulations for understanding wear processes
  • Multiscale methods for frictional contact
  • Multiscale methods for contact of rubber tyres
  • Multiscale approach for impact
  • Multiscale method for the provision of damping of vibrating structural assemblies
  • Simulation of adhesive contact
  • Mortar methods within a multilevel analysis
  • Multiscale model for describing friction in sheet metal forming processes considering the evolution of the roughness of the sheet surface
  • Thermomechanical contact using multiscale modelling
  • Spatial discretization techniques for multilevel approaches
  • Multiscale analysis of time-dependent mechanisms in connection with HSFG bolts
  • Multiscale analysis applied to model interfaces supporting the construction of and the haptic/tactile/visual VR interaction with virtual textiles
  • Production of cutting tools with multiscale geometries
  • Integrated production of large, functionalized surfaces
  • Optimization of the microstructure of functionalized surfaces
  • Multiscale simulations of feed drive systems in machine tools
  • Multiscale methods for the calculation of contact and friction phenomena in ball screws
  • Investigating and calculating the influence of wear on the mechanical behaviour of ball screw drives
  • Coupled multiscale simulations of numerically controlled electromechanical feed drives
  • Predicting the mechanical properties of sheet materials through the simulation of dislocation movement by multiscale analysis
  • Predicting the progress of corrosion in metals by multiscale methods