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Composite Materials

Laminated composite materials have been used for many structural applications such as tyres and aircraft components. The first generation of materials, where composites based on unidirectional (UD) plies were used predominantly, was successful because of the extraordinarily high stiffness and strength of the materials.

The main area of application was the aerospace industry. Today, however, composites are being used in all fields of engineering (space, aeronautics, rail, road, ships, weaving looms, machine tools, sport, wind turbines, civil engineering).

Projects with internal funding:

PhD projects currently available

Projects with external funding/topics for Ph.D. theses:

  • Meso-scale coupling in biaxial knitted fabric
  • Micro-scale coupling for NCF and TFP composites
  • Probabilistic multiscale methods
  • Efficient molecular dynamic finite element simulations
  • Conducting experiments
  • Validation of the material/structure models and updating of material parameters
  • Contact sliding and friction due to micro-cracking, including meso-scale behaviour
  • Development of basic testing procedures that allow for testing of micro-cracking in delamination processes, including the frictional behaviour of fibres.
  • Prediction of dynamic failure and fragmentation
  • Multiscale computational strategy with homogenization in time and space
  • Non-local interface model and associated numerical method for the modelling of delamination and the coupling between delamination and micro-cracking